Varicose vein surgery treatment using laser

Varicose veins are a very common problem among men and women and appear in the form of twisted and swollen veins on the legs. Varicose veins can appear anywhere between the groin and the ankle.


Individuals eligible for varicose vein treatment using laser

Laser varicose vein treatment is appropriate for people with the following symptoms:

  • The veins are large and swollen on the legs
  • Swollen and red veins with pain when touched
  • Change in skin texture or discoloration


Procedures of varicose vein treatment using laser

Varicose vein treatment using laser is performed by inserting a laser wire through the vein to be treated, which is determined by ultrasound. Then the laser warms the vein wall, which causes it to shrink and close completely.

Fortunately, we have many compensatory veins in our body up to several times of our need.


After varicose veins treatment using laser

Your specialist may recommend wearing special stockings or putting bandages for several days or weeks to compress your legs. During the period of convalescence after undergoing varicose laser treatment, you should practice walking regularly and avoid lying on the bed for long periods.