Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in Turkey. As it aims to reshape certain areas of the body, which leads to the improvement of body features and consistency by removing the body unwanted fat.

Areas that can be treated include thighs, arms, hips, waist, back, chest and chin.

Liposuction can be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as breast reduction, tummy tuck, and chest tightening with women and men.


People eligible for liposuction

A person with light to moderate weight gain is eligible for liposuction, in addition to the person who:

  • Has good health
  • Suffers from local fat areas
  • Has good skin elasticity


Before liposuction procedure

One month before liposuction

Some medications, such as aspirin and some vitamins, should be stopped. Refrain from smoking completely.

One week before liposuction

Conduct comprehensive blood tests and heart examination.

The day before liposuction

Do not consume any type of food or drink after the time specified by your specialist. Pack your bag with comfortable shoes and loose clothing.

The morning of liposuction

Take a shower as usual and avoid using face creams or moisturizers.


Liposuction procedures

Liposuction is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia. Then the plastic surgeon creates a small incision in the skin, in which a cannula (a plastic tube to remove and insert fluids into and out of the body) is inserted, this cannula can move forward and backward to dissolve the fat. A surgical suction is attached to the cannula to absorb the fat and remove it from the body.


After the liposuction procedure

One day after liposuction

During the first two days of the procedure, the patients will feel varying degrees of bruising and swelling.

One week after liposuction

The bruises disappear within seven to ten days.

One month after liposuction

The swelling decreases by 90% in most patients within four weeks after the surgery. The swelling can last for eight to ten weeks depending on the number of the stitches used for the incision.






How long do I need before I see the results of liposuction?

You can notice a clear improvement after liposuction. Within three weeks you will feel a greater difference in the features and shape of your body. The final results will be six months after liposuction.


Will the incisions of the liposuction surgery be visible?

The incisions created during the liposuction surgery are very small, only about (5) millimeters and are usually in specific places.