Facelift surgery

Over time, the effects of exposure to sunlight, life pressure and gravity appear on the face. The signs of aging are manifested by the appearance of deep wrinkles, loosening of the skin of the jaw area, sagging and accumulation of fat in the neck area.

Facelift surgery or so-called skin wrinkle treatment is an effective way to counter these problems by removing fat and tightening the skin and muscles to get a healthy look for your face.

Facelift surgery in Turkey is a popular choice among many men and women who seek to improve facial appearance and reduce signs of aging.


People eligible for facelift surgery

They are the people who have:

  • Good skin elasticity
  • Strong bone structure
  • Good health


Preparation for facelift surgery

One month before the facelift surgery

It is recommended to stop smoking for at least three weeks before the surgery.

A week before the facelift surgery

Avoid taking medications such as aspirin.

A day before the facelift surgery

Do not consume any type of food or drink after midnight the day of the surgery.

On the morning of the facelift surgery

Wear loose clothing to help you feel comfortable during the procedure. Do not use moisturizers or any cosmetics on your face, head, or neck.


Facelift surgery procedures

Facial surgeons start making a splint or an incision in the area between the neck and the ear. Then the skin is gently lifted and the surgeon adjusts and tightens the underlying muscles and connective tissue. In some cases, fat and excess skin may also be removed.

The incision is made for men to conform to the natural beard line. In most cases the incisions are made to appear as a natural wrinkle of the skin to hide any signs or scars. After removing the excess skin, the plastic surgeon closes the incision by sewing or using soft metal clips. Facelift surgery may take two to four hours depending on the surgeon’s facial surgery technique.

After the surgery, the surgeon puts the dressing to protect the entire area where the incisions were made.


After facelift surgery

After one day of facelift surgery

You have to stay one night. The specialist will check your face and wounds and provide you with general instructions for postoperative care and proper use of supportive bandages.

After one week of facelift surgery

Avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs for several days after the surgery. Smoking or passive smoking should be stopped or avoided preventing any delay in the recovery process.

After one month of facelift surgery

In this period, the swelling caused by facelift surgery usually fade. The scars disappear completely within six months. You should avoid sun exposure during the recovery period to ensure that you achieve the desired appearance.



Where are the incisions made during facelift surgery?

Incisions are usually made during the facelift surgery around the front and back areas of the ear and on the hair line of the scalp.


What is the best time of year to undergo facelift surgery?

Winter is the best time to have facelift surgery where you can easily avoid sunlight after surgery.


When can I use cosmetics again after the facelift surgery?

Two weeks after the surgery.


Will my face change after the facelift surgery?

The facelift surgery does not change or adjust the patient’s natural facial features.