Dental implants

Loss of teeth occurs for many reasons, including decay, accidents and injuries. However, losing one or more teeth does not mean that you have lost your ability to smile forever.

Dental implant procedure in Turkey provides a strong basis for replacing damaged teeth with material that has the same natural tooth function.

Dentists can help you change your perspective, giving you a positive outlook about yourself, to greet life with a nice smile; this could be by implanting teeth, allowing you to re-discover confidence and comfort in talking, laughing, eating a variety of food, and enjoying life to the fullest.


People eligible for dental implants

If you are looking for a treatment for falling teeth, dental implants are the best option for you. Most people are eligible for dental implants.

In general, people are eligible for dental implants if they have the following:

  • Healthy gums
  • A strong jawbone
  • Enough bone density
  • Healthy mouth tissue


Dental implant procedures

The dentist treats the teeth by implanting dental grafts into the jawbone to serve as a foundation for the missing teeth.

The titanium used in the dental grafts is designed to merge strongly with the jawbone, which prevents them from slipping or causing bone damage. During the dental implant procedure, the dentist places a thin titanium rod under the gum in the lost tooth area.

This rod integrates itself directly with the jawbone and becomes a solid foundation over the next few weeks. A dentist may put a temporary crown on the rod until it is fully integrated. Once fully integrated with the bone, it becomes a permanent part of your mouth and ready to mount the permanent crown.

The dentist places the custom crown and matches the color of your natural teeth to blend in with the adjacent teeth. When the crown is finished, the final tooth will look natural as if it were one of your natural teeth.



Is dental implant procedure painful?

Most people who had implanted their teeth felt a little pain. Pain can be controlled through local anesthesia during dental implantation, which reduces pain.


What are the results of dental implants?

Implanted teeth work like natural teeth. They provide comfort and confidence in chewing and appearance. You will experience a significant improvement in chewing and speaking. As a result of improved appearance, performance, comfort and health, you will have a better state of self-confidence and self-esteem.

How long should I stay in Turkey for dental implants?

This depends on the type of tooth graft, which will require you to stay at least 3 days. After 3 months, you should come back to Turkey to finish treatment.